D300 budget lens advice please

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Re: You're onto a winner

n057 wrote:

Dweeble wrote:

Oh well, as you ask you nicely....would an Arrogant Irish Horse do instead?

And I know the foreground is way out, but how about Bokeh for Beginners?

Struggling to figure out and easily adjust WB and EV, but honestly it's awesome.

Very nice

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

A great choice of camera and a lovely image. 👍

I sold my D300 early last year and while I have enjoyed mirrorless, I find something lacking with the experience.  Currently contemplating picking up another D300 along with a 50 1.8D or 35mm 1.8 to mess around with.   Earlier this year I put my old D3100 up against the G9 and preferred the style of image from the Nikon.  Maybe after shooting with Nikon for so long it is what my eye is accustomed to seeing?

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