Just got a Z7 to complement my D850. Initial expressions:

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Re: Just got a Z7 to complement my D850. Initial expressions:

commiebiker wrote:

It took me about a month to get used to EVF (1st gen Sony) The Nikon Z's, are way out ahead of Sony's initial offerings

One of the things I love most is reviewing shots in the EVF, and you can't imagine my frustration now using optical viewfinders!

Every time I see early reviews or initial impressions from someone not familiar with a system and especially a DSLR user with a new mirrorless system my first thought is that you probably haven't used it nearly as long as you need to in order to have a somewhat informed opinion.

In my view the problem coming from a DSLR is that ironically even though you've bought the mirrorless camera for a reason you still end up evaluating it from a DSLR point of view.  Once you've used the mirrorless system long enough you start to fully appreciate its strengths and you start seeing the limitations of your DSLR that you didn't know existed.  It's hard to do that in the beginning when your baseline and comfort zone is a DSLR.   At some point you can appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of both with a more balanced point of view but in my experience at least that's hard to do in the early going.

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