archiving, digital vs. film

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Re: Dont think so

Digital will last for ever. The only problem is media and format.
Any kind of tape is a bad choice because the earth's magnetic field
and the instability of the tape base holding the magnetic particles
in allignment is a problem.

Tapes are stored in a magnetic shield, have magnetically and environmentally sealed cassettes, and the best ones are made from ferromagnetic on composite. My guess is that they can and they WILL be stable much longer than any optical media, especially dye-based, as are CDs and DVDs.

The only problem, and I share your concern, is what will be the
format. If I keep my Nikon NEF files will I be able to read them.
JPGs and TIFFs will probably still be readable as a back
compatibility feature of some advanced format but the
camera-specific formats will probably be long gone.

I have another question: will you keep a NEF to any_format_you_like converter on your disk, or will you carelessly wipe it. Do you keep it updated so you will not lose the most recent version once NEF support will not be kept by Nikon anymore (I doubt that very much)?

Camera-specific formats will outlast any manufacturer. Or - more precisely - SENSOR-specific RAW formats, as they are more flexible than any widespread format.

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