Got myself a new DMC-TZ100 and I have some questions

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Re: Got myself a new DMC-TZ100 and I have some questions

Daymoth wrote:

Hi, this is my first post here but I have been reading the forum a lot since my Nikon P7700 suffered a bad crash that was not worth repairing

So I settled on the TZ/ZS100 and the learning curve is steep! I have been testing the camera for 2 weeks and reading the manual but I still have some issues I could use help with:

- I have finally figured reading some posts about reducing the NR to -5. That has been a game changer since my first outing the photos were horribly soft and I was so ready to return it. Q: do you use a different setting when shooting in low light? When the ISO is high its quite noticeable and I assume he NR -5 doesnt help?

- I cant figure out how to display in the screen only the guidelines, histogram, iso, ss and f. Seems the options are 1. ALL the icons I cant care about + histogram. 2. 1 plus level guide. 3. Nothing, with no histogram. 4. Off. Cant believe this is not configurable and that I eithereget all the clutter or nothing. Also when I am changing the exposure compensation the histogram disapears... Why? Can that be changed?

- HDR doesnt seem to do anything? (Havent got to understand what iHDR is?) I have tried iDynamic and really like it though. What is the difference between HDR, iHDR, iDynamic or changing the highlight/shadows curve?

- I cant believe that a camera with so many options, most of wich I still dont know what they are useful for, doesnt have an option for long exposures. No built in ND, no thread for physical filter...ok but surely I can merge several shots?? Like even mobile phonespdo that now. I have found is the multiple exposures but it seems it merges only 4 shots? I really dont want to do this in post. What are people doing? Buying a thread adaptor or something?

- in addition to the Function buttons, can I change say the white balance button? I wish it was for ISO, I barely ever touch wb.

-Re flash, I cant figure if this camera could work with an external flash?

I think thats all for now! Thanks for any tips you can give me!

I had one for the best part of 2 years and learnt a lot.

As well as NR-5, set Sharpness & Contrast to +2 and shoot at all times at the widest aperture available to counter lens diffraction. That is all you need to do!

Regards, Dave

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