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SushiEater wrote:

There is only one screen on Dell laptops that provides 100% gamut and that is 4K. All others are 72%. To be honest for my purpose I see no difference.

I have FHD 15" HP Envy with sRGB gamut in the 70% range, and UHD 17" HP Omen with close to 100% sRGB gamut. It's easy to see the difference, especially in red saturation.

My backup laptop also Dell with 6700HQ (8750H is 70% faster on the same RAW conversion) with the regular screen. The only difference is that 4K screen is way sharper but also text is smaller so you better have a good vision. But more of the stuff fits on the screen.

I really like UHD because good photo programs, such as GIMP editor and Geeqie viewer, show much more of an image at 100% actual pixels. Firefox and xviewer show at 200%, and I'm not sure how to change that.

True about text sharpness.

P.S. there are good reasons to buy a laptop, including portability and battery to guard against power failures. Most new laptops can easily run Photoshop (with 16GB memory or more) and Lightroom (with fast CPU and Adobe supported GPU). More efficient software is available. If you connect an ultra wide-screen monitor, you'll have a good setup for panorama creation.

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