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aChanceEncounter wrote:

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

I have a number of primes: 12, 18, 23, 35, 56..... and they are all wonderful to use


the lens I use most is the 16-55mm and it is fantastic for a number or reasons. Unless you are pixel peeping instead of actually viewing a print on the wall sharpness is always there and nothing beats being able to carry an even smaller bag with the camera and only one lens to worry about. This also negates any reason to unmount the lens and offer potential entry to dust, bugs (yes, bugs), rain, etc... not to mention the opportunity to possibly drop the lens, body or both.. yes, it has happened (not with the Fuji).

The 16-55 for sheer versatility is the only lens I need 90% of the time. For that 10% I can plan for it and take a fast prime based on where I am going and what I plan to shoot.

If you get lazy with a zoom then you should have better mental discipline. When I was shooting Leica I had to zoom with my feet and honestly, there were situations where this was not possible.. zooms often negate those physical barriers that prohibit zooming with you feet.

I love the 16-55 because it covers almost every prime I have. I will not get rid of my primes because I view them as specialty lenses for certain types of photography. The 35, 56 mainly for their speed and bokeh.. but still only used under special circumstances.

I like traveling without having to worry about multiple lenses and changing them under conditions I cannot control..... so, I choose the 16-55mm as my main lens.

We still need to shoot together sometime...... retirement is so much fun... everyday is Saturday!

The zooms i have in the normal range are 18-55 and 18-135. Plus the longer ones and the 10-24. They are ok but you need to be very aware of what focal length and aperture you are using and restrict yourself to where the lenses are sharp enough to get a nice sharp image. Perhaps, i need to sell something for the big 16-55.

Hmmm   77mm filter.... may be a show stopper for me as i use my grads a lot and my Lees only go to 72...   maybe the 16-80 will be really sharp at 67 or 72.

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