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SushiEater wrote:

I just bought Dell Alienware M15. It is relatively light compared to other M15 models but powerful. I bought it on sale but it still may be on sale. What I do is I go to and they have posts what is on sale and include coupons. This particular one came from Outlet but it has the same warranty as new.

Also, my new laptop has 4K (non-touch) screen and 90W battery. Keyboard spans edge to edge so it is large.

Specs are:

8750H 6 core up to 4.1Ghz.

8GB of memory came with but I upgraded to 32GB

It came with 256GB SSD NVMe type 40. Because of the large battery that covers the spot for 2.5" SSD I had to buy two more SSDs NVMe type. One was Intel 2TB 660. and the other is 1TB. Plus I got a heat shield for both. So in total I have 3TB.

Total cost about $1800. But if you go with less like 1080 screen (regular screen on most laptops) and 60w battery with 2.5" SSD it would cost yo less than $1500.

Plugged in it processes Nikon D5 RAW file in 3.2 seconds which I consider pretty fast.

And Techbargains has a post for Acer Predator Gaming laptop (gaming is what you want for photo editing) with even faster CPU for $999. Check it out.

Great info - thank you!!! Did you install the SSD’s yourself or was that an upgrade at the time of ordering? Same question for the memory if you don’t mind. I have a Lenovo Y510 Idea Pad that is long in the tooth by technology standards and it only has a 1TB drive. The benefit to that is I’m forced to cull images I’ll never use but I also have to do that more frequently than I’d like to. 3-4 TB is what I’d prefer.

All of the upgrades I installed myself and that is very easy. All components are keyed so you can't install wrong. The only tedious part would be putting OS on the drive. Buying upgrades from Dell would cost you twice as much. What you want is to buy minimum configuration and upgrade. M15 technically has 3 HD possibilities. But my M15 2.5" position is blocked by the larger battery. Still has 2 M.2 slots right next to each other so the dual heat sink covers them both. Each slot supports 2TB so technically you can have 6TB (2+2+2) with the smaller 60w battery. 4TB (2+2) with largest battery.

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