I've been waiting on the new sigma "designed for mirrorless" lenses, and now...

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Re: I've been waiting on the new sigma "designed for mirrorless" lenses, and now...

Phil Photo wrote:

I thought the new, pre-announced a year ago "new sigma lenses, designed exclusively for mirrorless" would be a big win for sony.

it is a big win for sony.

For all this time, sigma art lenses had beautiful picture, but the emount versions seemed to basically integrate an adaptor onto the lens.

it puts the rear element at the same distance from the sensor, just like with a dslr.

so there is no p.q. penalty, which is pretty clear to anyone who's actually used that glass... I take it that you haven't.

those lenses can also af at up to 15fps af-c on the a9, better than what they can deliver on any dslr, with more accurate af, in part because there isn't any af fine-tuning needed.

I was looking forward to a smaller, potentialy lighter set of emount lens to use on my A7ii.

there are quite a few smaller e-mount lenses on the market already.

But I was wondering what the holdup was in releasing them.
Seems like the other shoe has dropped. I'm guessing they were holding the lens announcements, until their own new, L-MOUNT "fp" sigma FF camera was ready to go as well.

So now the new "fp" camera gets announced at the same time their first new "for mirrorless" lens was released

what does any of that have to do with anything.

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