Z6 kit eBay listing $2,049 plus taxes.. too good to be true?

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well, it's complex

Marty4650 wrote:

Nikon doesn't sell cameras without warranties.

It's actually more complex than that. The warranty is established at the distribution level, not at the factory level. A product that slips outside of the authorized distribution chain does not, in fact, have a valid warranty from any Nikon entity.

The best way to understand this is to know that even in Japan there is a sales distribution subsidiary. So the Nikon manufacturing organization (lets call it the factory) "sells" the camera to the Nikon Japanese sales subsidiary, who then resells it to Japanese camera stores. It is the sales subsidiary that operates repair centers, and establishes the warranty (meaning has legal responsibility for it and sets aside the funding for it.) That's also the entity that plans and pays for marketing and advertising in Japan (not done by, or funded by, the "factory").

Obviously, the same is true for overseas markets; Nikon USA "buys" the camera from the Nikon factory and resells it to U.S. camera stores. Nikon USA is the legal entity that establishes the Nikon warranty (and plans and pays for U.S. advertising etc.)

Most multinational companies work this way. There are sound financial management, regulatory, and legal reasons for it.

Now, of course, if you actually send a defective new Nikon camera to Japan, it's very likely that they will repair it for you as a courtesy. They'll turn it over to their sales subsidiary in Japan, who operates their Japanese repair facilities, and ask them to absorb the loss.

Some Nikon products come with a so-called "International warranty", but that's just an agreement between the various regional distributors to do courtesy repairs for each other. This is how, under an "international warranty", you can get your U.S. binocular repaired by Nikon Europe under warranty, if you're traveling in Paris. The Nikon manufacturing organization has nothing to do with it.

Again, this is the norm with multinational companies. This is why gray market distribution is of such concern to so many of them (in almost every industry under the sun). It skips one step in the process by which they collect funds for their business activities.

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