Maths rant!

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Maths rant!

OK, I need to get this off my chest. Somehow, somewhere and some time ago some dude started this myth that in order to double the resolution, you actually need to quadruple the resolution. The theory behind this is that you double both the x and y axes. THIS IS WRONG!

No one argues that the Haselblad x pan negative has double the resolution of 35mm film. It literally has double the amount of silver halide crystals.

Nobody disputes that that 2KG is double 1KG.

In both cases, you double the amount of matter on 1 axis.

So, let's put this to bed.

24 MP is half 48 MP.

48 MP is half of 96 MP.

So, you could say that a 100 MP sensor has roughly 4 x the resolution of a 24 MP sensor.

And if in doubt, use a calculator!

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