How I Got my $3500 Camera Kit Stolen on KitSplit for $70

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Re: Revised: KitSplit and I have made Peace

YohahN wrote:

I’d appreciate it if you did not insinuate anything. I never once refused to share the serial numbers you’ve asked for, perhaps this is my first time seeing your comment since I haven’t even read half these responses on DPReview yet.

Simply put, I wish I could share the serial numbers because it is important for people to know if they are carrying stolen gear but unfortunately I don’t have them anymore due to an error that I’ve made.

Ok, this is getting more and more ridiculous. I've posted at least 4 times in this thread asking you to post your serial numbers.

How could you not have ANY serial numbers for ANY of your gear? Where did you buy your camera gear from? Do you have the receipts? Do you have ANY record you actually own the gear you say was stolen? Did you provide these receipts to KitSplit? Any place that sells expensive camera gear and lenses would have recorded the serial numbers and are easy to get. It is not acceptable to so publicly create this thread slamming KitSplit when you are not even providing us any evidence, like simple serial numbers, of what expensive gear you say was stolen. No wonder KitSplit was rejecting your claims. I've now gone from being on your side to KitSplit's side.

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