Travel, DSLR, Mirrorless, Weight and Cost = Conundrum.

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raymondg wrote:

Definition: By 'travel' I mean the sort of travel you would do as a tourist, not serious hiking or landscape photography.

I did a review of the Exif from my past 5 trips (2000 'keepers' approximately and based on the definition above of travel and the kit outlined in my original post).

The majority of the of the photos (keepers) were taken with the 24 -120 f4. Not surprising given that this is my walk around lens and most likely on the camera the majority of the time. Laziness in changing the lens may also account for a high proportion. That said, the 24-120 was used for 95% of the shots. Why do I bother with the other 2 lenses for 5% of the shots?? (Rhetorical question)

Of the shots taken with the 24-120 f4, approximately 60% were taken at either 24mm or 120mm. The rest (40%) were fairly even divided across the range form 24mm to 85mm, but less so at the long end.

That leads me to believe that 24mm is not quite wide enough and 120mm is not quite long enough for my purposes, but I make do as that is what is on the camera at the time. In between it is a great range. The perfect lens for me might be 18-200 f4 VR with very good IQ. I can dream.

Will I discard the extra 2 lenses for my upcoming trip??? Probably not as a little voice in my head says.."but you might need them for that perfect shot". Most likely the 70-200 will remain in my room and the 14-24 f2.8 will rest in my bag for those 'interior' shots, while the 24-120 f4 will be firmly mounted on my camera.

Stats don't of course tell the whole story and it can be 1-2 shots from a trip that really make it worthwhile in a photographic sense be that having something framed on the wall or selling your work.

I do get your point about 24mm not being quite wide enough for "general" use. I mean there are some situations shooting internal architecture or certain landscapes were maximum UWA coverage is needed but besides that I do often find myself wanting a bit more.

One setup I'm testing at the moment is potentially using Voightlander 20mm and 40mm pancakes for travel as a "walkaround" setup with a tele zoom in the bag. That gives a bit of extra width as well as really cutting down on size, lens size especially is I find the big issue in terms of cameras becoming more inconvenient much more than body size. The pancakes are small enough that one can stay in a coat pocket so your not diving into a bag for lens changes.

A bit of cropping isn't THAT big an issue with modern resolution but actually being able to compose wider with a single shot definitely helps, especially when traveling were you maybe pressed for time.

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