Deleting files directly on the SD card via PC

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Re: Deleting files directly on the SD card via PC

Mort Schubert wrote:

I cannot delete files on the SD card in the A6500 via the computer.

This statement seems quite unlikely to me as a characteristic of the A6500.  I can't think of how it could be true.  Are you saying that a Windows computer cannot delete files on the SD card that were written by the A6500?  If that is what you are saying, what message do you get from Windows when it fails to delete a file?

This is a huge bummer - especially when you want to delete a large number of selected files right after transferring them to the HDD. No such problem with the A6300.
(And, no, I have never had any problems because of deleting files via the PC instead of in-camera. No card has ever been effected by that. In any way.)
Also, the A6500 creates lots of directories - I have yet to try and figure out how it does that.

What do you mean by "how it does that?"  Do you mean how it uses the folders it creates?

That is another annoying difference between the A6500 and the A6300.
Since both issues translate into wasting a lot of time, I am wondering if there really are no solutions to these problems.

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