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aChanceEncounter wrote:

I have been reviewing my images and have noticed i take a lot more time on my compostions when I shoot primes. I guess i get a bit lazy with zooms. Coupled with most of the primes are a bit sharper, I am considering using a prime kit

Prime lenses in the stable: rok 8, 14, 23/2, 27, 35/1.4, 56, nikon 105/4 macro

a part of me thinks the F2s would be good 23, 35, 50, 90 for the sharpness and weathersealing and size.

idealily the kit would fit in my hadley small pro bag with my xpro2

this would be for more serious trips where weather could be rainy.

i also have my x100f with the tcl and wcl for business trips and really light kit.


I think the notion that primes force you to slow down and focus on composition is hogwash.

Wedding/Event photographers use zooms as their bread and butter and manage to think of composition when clicking the shutter.

It's really just a matter of discipline imo. There's nothing stopping anyone from paying attention to composition simply because they many focal lengths at their disposal ay any given time.

But to answer your question, don't just pick the f/2 trio because you think it makes a neat set.

Think carefully about which focal lengths require faster than f/2 and then build your kit accordingly.

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