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Re: FE 35mm review .. or F1.2

I'm always a bit phased when people say they wont shoot above a certain ISO. I assume they just stop shooting... but I'd rather take a shot at 25,600 than no shot at all and much of todays kit and processing software is IMO capable of producing a useable picture at very high ISO's depending upon your final image size.

In the faint glow that passes for daylight in norther England I'd hardly take a picture for months on end if I stayed below ISO 800.


I've pre ordered a 35mm f1.8.

I currently have the Sony f2.8 and e mount Voigtlander f1.4 plus a film era f1.8 and a few film era f2.8's. It'll be interesting to see how the f1.8 performs and if it'll replace the Sony f2.8 as my most used lens. F1.8 will be nice to have but that f2.8 is a lovely lens and makes for a very compact camera and lens package.


As Voigtlanders are mentioned... I find the e mount 35mm f1.4 to be an interesting lens. At f1.4 I'd describe is as old world funky but things start to alter very quickly as you stop down and indeed improve at f1.6 onward. The extreme corners are never sharp though but we're only talking the very extreme corners here and even at f1.4 I find the lens sharp enough anywhere in the frame I'd want to put a main subject, the result only really being in serious question in the extreme corners and if the shot/scene provokes unsightly bokeh.

I briefly had the M mount classic version which I thought was even more old world funky with on occasions the most unusual flare I've ever seen from a lens I've used. I sold that lens as I just couldn't get on with focus tab focusing and felt I was juggling the camera and in danger of dropping it.

I also have the Voigtlander 40mm f1.2 and it is IMO a lens which produces a much more modern look... with no mushy corners.

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