The Recent F/stop Controversy

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The 0.001%

fferreres wrote:

Probably, only 1 out of 10,000 photographers need to know of any equivalence. And 3 out 6 billion need to know about the Church of Equivalence yet in their thoughts, it should have 6 billion followers.

Same can be said about the Sun being the center of the Solar System, yet the schools teach it to everyone. I mean, for 99.999% of the people, it's enough to know the Sun "rises" and "sets" once a day, that there are seasons, and that the length of the day varies throughout the year.

But is that any reason to argue against teaching that the Earth orbits the Sun every 365.2422 days, spins around its own axis once a day, and that the 23.4° tilt of the axis results in different amounts of sunlight reaching the surface as it orbits the Sun, resulting in the seasons?

I mean, no one needs to know that, right?  And yet, it's taught to almost everyone.

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