Got a 1/2 off coupon for Capture One Pro 12 sitting in my inbox

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Re: Got a 1/2 off coupon for Capture One Pro 12 sitting in my inbox

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

EE-TV wrote:

toomanycanons wrote:

I use mostly Lightroom (standalone 6.14) some Photoshop (CS5), have DxO that I don't use much at all, it doesn't fit into my workflow.

I'm tempted to get the perpetual license for C1 Pro 12 just to have it and play with it while continuing to use LR which is essential to my workflow. But...

But what am I not seeing here? Is "perpetual license" what I think it is for this offer? What is on the "they don't tell you this but..." list that I'm not considering?

My D800 and soon to be D850/Z7 are supported.

I may or may not actually wind up using it like I do Lightroom, but who knows, I'd have a perpetual license. It's got to happen today though.

Pretty sure it is only for the astronomically-priced "with Styles" package that has the "deal".

Would be highly surprised if it's for the Capture One on its own License .

I agree - anyone with any decent processing experience doesn't need or won't need the styles.

Oops.  I just checked the date on the email I got from Capture One and indeed it was four days ago.   So the code I got (yes, for 50% off Capture One Pro 12 without Styles if I so chose, perpetual license, ya know the real deal) is already expired.  Oh well.  That's the second time I got that offer.

I guess if I was dissatisfied with the software/workflow I have currently it would be different, but, as they say, my workflow needs aren't the next guy's needs.

Good to get everyone's opinion anyway for the next time I get this offer...if ever.

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