Got a 1/2 off coupon for Capture One Pro 12 sitting in my inbox

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Re: Got a 1/2 off coupon for Capture One Pro 12 sitting in my inbox

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

toomanycanons wrote:

I use mostly Lightroom (standalone 6.14) some Photoshop (CS5), have DxO that I don't use much at all, it doesn't fit into my workflow.

I have been using LR Classic as my main editor. With it I get the latest PS which I use on some of my better photos. I have also been playing with focus stacking of macros with this combo.

I'm tempted to get the perpetual license for C1 Pro 12 just to have it and play with it while continuing to use LR which is essential to my workflow. But...

I used CO from about vers 2 up to vers 7 when they dropped support for Media Pro. I then went to LR full time.

But I picked up the latest CO, vers 12, about 6 months ago. I really like it for editing by "best" shots. Like all software, it has its strengths and weaknesses.

It's catalog, or DAM , is a huge weakness.

My current work uses LR as my DAM for all of my photos. I rate, cull, and keyword in LR. I have LR make a sidecar xmp file for all my photos. I do all my initial post processing in LR. It is still pretty good for that, especially for large number of photos.

I then take my "best" raw photos into CO for post work that I will print of show off. I can easily select them in LR, go to Win Explorer, and simply click and drag them into an open window of CO. CO then imports them into a catalog. From there I can do my post work, and send it to PS if I want or need to.

I personally like the layers in CO. I also really like how CO handles color. CO's sharpening, while perhaps a bit better than LR, is not as good as Topaz's Detail which I use. CO also doesn't handle the really high ISO shots I take with my Canon 80D well. I prefer LR's NR; though I can take my CO shot into PS and finish the noise reduction with Noiseware.

But what am I not seeing here? Is "perpetual license" what I think it is for this offer? What is on the "they don't tell you this but..." list that I'm not considering?

I think you are ok as long as you can get the full Pro version.

My D800 and soon to be D850/Z7 are supported.

I may or may not actually wind up using it like I do Lightroom, but who knows, I'd have a perpetual license. It's got to happen today though.

Get it. You will like it.

Essential for my workflow is the ability to keyword in Lightroom and generate XMP sidecar files for one of my clients (I give them the raws + XMP).  Also importing entire folders with a raw preset.  I work with fairly large folders of images and can do most of my work in LR.

Can you do what you'd call a "finished job" on your raws in Lightroom or have you found you really need to take the "best" into C1?   I'm really not doing a 100% finished processing with my stuff, my clients like to take the raws or tiffs I send them and tweak even more.

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