Sigma 100-400 -> Nikon 200-500 Review

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Sigma 100-400 -> Nikon 200-500 Review

I have had a Sigma 150-600 and even tried a 200-500 before but wasn't impressed with the 500 end.

I live in the North West and while I liked the 150-600 i was shooting it at 7.1 and being retired thought something sharper and lighter would be better and so got the Sigma 100-400, I did try the Tamron 100-400 noted for it's faster AF when it came out ... but no go. I was able to shoot it wide open and found immediately that it helped with lowering ISO and/or shutter speeds. I really loved the 100mm vs the 150 for landscapes. It was the AF speed that bothered me the most and while the lens is sharp I wanted more.

So after a fortuitous accident I need to replace my cam(D500)/lens. I decided to try the 200-500 and loved the extra reach and sharpness at 500! It's a keeper for me. The known issues of having to turn the zoom ring for ever haven't really bothered me and despite the 3 Kg + weight I still shoot handheld but have tried my tripod under certain conditions at home.

Overall i think the AF is faster/better then the Sig 100-400 but find when focused on distant things and then trying focus closer it'll bog down and cause missed shots.

One of the other comments I'd heard about it was that it wasn't really any good for close up stuff. Well ... it's as good as any other similar lens as far as I can tell.

Being a constant 5.6 it helps a lot at the 500 end, vs. 6.3, away form places like California or Florida.

The 200-500 comes with a tripod collar and the 100-400 doesn't. Some say the foot isn't that great but unless your doing macro type work it doesn't matter for wildlife where your really just using the tripod to support the weight

Do I regret getting the Sig 100-400 .... NO and really think a 100-500 would be a perfect range. That new Sig 60-600 sounded interesting but it's even heavier and to pricey to consider

So .. ratings .... Sigma 100-400:   3.5/5            Nikon 200-500: 4.25/5

and now a few obligatory shots: click on original for best results

focused stacked off tripod

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