The Recent F/stop Controversy

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Re: The Recent F/stop Controversy

Michael Fryd wrote:

mamallama wrote:


Wow!! I just signed a $15,000 contract with a professional wedding photographer for my daughter and I hope he has all this stuff down pat. Otherwise I will be disappointed in the results.

Don't worry. Photographers have been using f/stops for years. We're smart and can take great photos even when the equipment isn't helping us as much as it can.

It's quite possible to take great photos when you misunderstand the underlying technology. As long as your mental model gives you reasonable guidance in your situation you're going to get good results. However, if the mental model is wrong, it can give you bad advice in challenging situations.

The standard example is that higher ISO settings cause more image noise. As a rule of thumb this works in common situations. A wedding photographer could produce great results with this misunderstanding.

The problem is what happens in a difficult situation. The photographer sees an opportunity for a fantastic shot, but his camera tells him he needs ISO 3200, and the photographer doesn't want that much noise. His guideline is that the ISO setting causes the noise, to he makes sure his camera is set to capture raw, sets the ISO to 800, and plans to raise the brightness in post processing. His mental model tells him this trick will decrease visible noise as he has selected a lower ISO. In reality it won't help, and may increase visible noise.

As you understand more about the technology, you gain the ability to overcome more challenges. However, with today's modern gear, you don't need to understand very much to shoot in easy situations.

I think you need to take a break.

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