Regret buying sony a6500, thinking about other options!

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Re: Regret buying sony a6500, thinking about other options!

Ed B wrote:

Had to laugh because you sound like you're having my luck.

I was a long time Canon SLR/DSLR user and when I decided to try mirrorless the first camera I bought was an Olympus and then a Sony.

Neither camera was right for me and I ended up selling both cameras along with a couple of lenses at a big loss.

I almost gave up on the mirrorless idea and thought about upgrading my Canon 40D but Fuji had come out with the X-E1 a couple of months earlier and I decided to try that before giving up on mirrorless altogether.

Long story short, I ended up liking the Fuji and have stayed with Fuji ever since.

I'm not recommending Fuji because every manufacturer makes great cameras but I can understand how you feel after having two cameras that didn't work out for you.

I guess all you can do is just keep looking until you find the right one.

Good luck.

Haha yes I know, finding the good one is pretty hard and expensive. Unfortunately I don't have many hybrid shooters around me. All the photographers shoot Canon so I have no one to test others around me.

Technically I loved Panasonic, best camera I have ever owned. However video autofocus and maybe a little bit the sensor size are a bit of an annoyance. I think they have started to overcome the sensor size with the gh5s but they need to get rid of their stubborness with contrast autofocus.

I have heard only good stories about Fuji and went to the store to hold the xt3. It felt quite similar to a pansonic except the body was not as comfy to hold because of the small grip. But it was unbelievable small and light. I might need to rent it for a day to make sure I love it.

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