How I Got my $3500 Camera Kit Stolen on KitSplit for $70

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Re: No, your company is a fraud

MarshallG wrote:

LisbethK wrote:

Hi, Lisbeth Kaufman here (CoFounder and CEO of KitSplit). I feel terribly for Yohahn and the other owner who had their gear stolen. I wanted to personally respond to let you know that we are fixing this and making them whole- and then some.

We are launching a new insurance product to cover owners in this situation: the KitSplit Theft Protection Owner Guarantee.

The Owner Guarantee means that KitSplit owners will be covered in all scenarios, whether damage, loss, or theft. It’s something we’ve been considered for a while, and with Yohahn's situation it’s clearly time.

We are the first rental platform to offer coverage of this kind. It fills a major insurance loophole, and it’s the right thing to do for our customers. To make good on this promise, we’re starting by reimbursing the Yohahn and the other owner.

You are welcome to read more about the problem and how we’re fixing it here.

That’s BULL, and your company is a bunch of crap. You people have outright lied to camera owners and told them their equipment would be safe, then you left them holding the bag when their gear was stolen. Your company is a fraud and so are you. That is a FACT. All you had to do was make these two renters whole, and instead you put them through hell.

Renters shouldn’t need an “extra product” or special insurance coverage. You’ve TOLD those renters they’d be covered if this happened, then you walked away. This has been extensively covered in DPReview and PetaPixel.

You are a fraud, a huckster, a Donald Trump. You made these promises before and you didn’t back up your word. Instead, you Trumped-out and lawyered-up, trading your marketing promises and your word for pages of indecipherable legalese.

You have no integrity. Your integrity has already been tested. You have failed.

B&H and Adorama deal with customer complaints all the time. The complaints show up here on DPReview all the time. And they ALWAYS make good, even when it costs them money. They always keep their word; they don’t walk back on their promises. And so we trust them — because they earn it and they prove it.

You, on the other hand, have disgracefully left your customers hanging out to dry. Now you show up with more flowery promises, and expect us to understand insurance law and contracts if something goes wrong.

I don’t know why we should trust you. For a mere $8,000, your business could have proven that you can be trusted. Only $8,000! That’s such a low price to pay to earn the industry’s trust. It would have been all different if they’d written articles about how you went above and beyond to keep your word, but you don’t understand the importance and value of integrity.

Why do you uneducated idiots have to bring politics in to this?  My feeling is that you are not intelligent enough to cogently express your thoughts.  PS.  Do I need to define cogent for you?

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