iMac for CMYK?

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Re: iMac for CMYK?

darinb wrote:

Yes, the gave me an icc to use.

My assumption, since CMYK is such a small space, is that my iMac will be fine, but I'm a little worried about the blacks--looking solid black on the screen and not quite really that black in the output (offset press).

Also, being new to this sort of thing, how to I account for Rich Black vs 100%K? Is that taken care of by the ICC.

Making this even more exciting, I'm using Affinity Photo, not Photoshop!

Hi Darin,

Yes, I think you'll be fine with the iMac!

I'm not an expert with Affinity, although I keep meaning to give it a try!

Do they have a lot of videos. I suspect they have some softproofing settings similar to PS?

I take your point about the 'richness' of the Black on the iMac compared to that on an offset litho print. PS would simulate that quite well, perhaps even too well, in soft proof. I believe you'll be able to get close in Affinity.

Your ICC profile should simulate different levels of K ink reasonably well (in softproof), but if it comes to coverting to CMYK from RGB will depend on how the profile was made, with respect to GCR, which is a whole different subject, and way beyond this forum!

If you're really interested there's a bit of info here:



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