The Recent F/stop Controversy

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Re: The Recent F/stop Controversy

Michael Fryd wrote:

With respect to f-stop, a particular setting provides some indication that a shallow or deep depth of field for that focal length was used or that a relatively wide or narrow aperture diameter for that focal length was used.

Yes. The combination of f/stop and focal length provide an indication of depth of field.

What I understand is that if you do the same framing at different FL, every f-stop you chose for both with have the same DOF. Nw, if I do the same framing with different FL, the same aperture diameter will NOT have the same DOF. As the FL changes, so does the DOF, even if you do the same composition. So DOF now changes for the same framing and you cannot know what is equivalent without a lot of extra effort.

That's because they provide the two factors you need to know in order to determine aperture diameter.

based on the number of responses, I'd argue "we" don't need to know aperture diameter. I think it's you that need to know it. You've stated it a hundred times literally the past week. I haven't read other than you maybe one or a few person in the entire forum say so.

It's easier to just work directly from aperture diameter.

That's so ever clear at least for you.

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