The Recent F/stop Controversy

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Re: The Recent F/stop Controversy

Michael Fryd wrote:

kiwi2 wrote:

Michael Fryd wrote;

I would say that for digital photographers the actual aperture diameter is more important than the ratio of focal length to diameter.


Consider a digital photographer shooting raw and a film photographer.

Both have a camera/lens combination with a 40° angle of view.

Both have settings that result in an aperture diameter of 12.5mm.

Both have a shutter speed of 1/60 second.

No, one of them will have 12.5 and the other, on a 1/2" sensor is now wondering where is the 12.5mm setting or that it's stuck at 5mm.

Both are shooting the same subject, from the same spot, at the same time.

Then, they must be the same person.

The digital photographer has no need to know the sensor size, focal length, or ISO value. He can set the camera on AUTO-ISO and get a great result.

So both could now be at ISO 125000 and they should not know about it.

The film photographer doesn't have this option. He needs to make sure that the intermediate step of light per unit area on the sensor falls into a specific range.

The film photographer will know exactly what's going on, unlike you hypothetical digital photographer.

The digital photographer only needs to worry about total light. The digital photographer gets essentially the same results independent of sensor size. Therefore the digital photographer does not need to be concerned (or even aware of) the ratio of focal length to aperture diameter.

Your hypothetical photographer can't know the total light unless you provide a way to know exactly the ambient light, and would need to guess if that ISO will have a lot of noise or not, and then will have to mentally assess how much to trade off shutter or "aperture many??" to get it to a decent number that will not result in a washed out, all noisy and unacceptable output.

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