15-85 or 17-70

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Leo_B wrote:

Jon_T wrote:

Just a note in case unaware, if you get a non-Canon lens you'll need to post process all your images to correct for lens distortions, vignetting, CA, etc.


It seems like they would soon not be selling any lenses if people learn they can't just take a photo and be done. It seems difficult to believe they would do that.

If by "they" you mean the third-party lens mfgs., its not their fault.

Camera mfgs. have their camera proprietary engineering/ designs copyrighted, and cannot be legally copied; i.e., lenses, flashes, etc.

All third-party mfgs. that make lenses, flashes, etc. have to do "reverse engineering" to engineer/ design lenses, flashes, etc. to work with different camera brands without copying proprietary/ copyrighted of the different camera brands.

Nothing new — Ditto as to third party lenses/ flashes having operational issues (e,g.. AF) when Canon, Nikon, etc. upgrades "their" camera's hardware and/ or firmware.

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