How I Got my $3500 Camera Kit Stolen on KitSplit for $70

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Re: Revised: KitSplit and I have made Peace - hogwash

YohahN wrote:

I took the time to revise my finale post since the initial update sounded more like a press release and was hard to believe for some folks that it was in my own words. So here it is again, in my own words, x1000, enjoy!


A new age has begun. An age of freedom and all will know that the indie film community banded together and gave their last breath to defend it - protection for equipment owners from theft by fraud (volunteer parting).

KitSplit will be the first rental platform to join us on this journey by offering the “KitSplit Theft Protection Owner Guarantee” policy along with other major changes in the works to ensure that this will never happen again to another fellow filmmaker:

They are the first to offer this coverage but I have hope that when the sun rises in all its waking glory, the rest (rental platforms) will follow in KitSplit’s footsteps and this will become an industry standard.

Like a newborn learning to walk for the first time, they may stumble at times. However, with persistence and help from the Filmmaking Knight’s Watch, they can stride to a brighter future where they truly become a marketplace for filmmakers by filmmakers.

For this reason, KitSplit’s gates are open to anyone who’d like to voice their feedback in regards to improving their system.

Before we raise our glass and rejoice, I’d like to give my sincere gratitude to KitSplit for making things right and for reimbursing me for my stolen gear.

*Raises chalice

Together, let us stand united, as one Nation under God and allow our war cries to echo for all of eternity.

Our children’s children will sing about this historic day until the glaciers have slipped beneath the waves.

Finally, I raise my glass to you, brothers and sisters. Thank you for taking part in this change.

P.S. sorry things took so long to wrap up. I asked KitSplit to grant me the title of “Breaker of Chains” but they insisted that it was taken already, so we just settled with the original title of “The Yohahn” given by Lisbeth, Founder/CEO, KitSplit.

Oh my. What a total croc. After the way they treated you, you write this gibberish?  Very suspicious. After the check cleared, I would say nothing about this company.

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