The Recent F/stop Controversy

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Re: The Recent F/stop Nonsense

threw the lens wrote:

The f-stop is only slightly weird in that a smaller number lets in more light. Apart from that, I'm fine with it.

That's because it should always be written as f/stop and never f-stop.

The number is a part reciprocal expression so of course the bigger the f/stop number, the smaller the result.

It's just the same as shutter speeds 1/10 sec lets in more light than 1/1000 sec, again it's a case that may be seen as a "smaller number lets in more light". Again it's a reciprocal.

I simply cannot see why something as basic as f/stop "discussions" makes threads head for 150 count at warp speed. You guys must have absolutely nothing to do with your time....... dammit here I am doing the same....

Regards..... Guy

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