What's the difference in "rendering" between the 35 f2 & 1.4 ?

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Re: What's the difference in "rendering" between the 35 f2 & 1.4 ?

Ed B wrote:

afwares wrote:

And just when it seemed the Hyperbole Train was on an express ride to Crazy Town, back to back posts from 57even and Geekapoo bring some much-needed sanity to the thread. You can both take the day off today, go play some golf, relax by the pool, enjoy a Rambo Blu-Ray marathon, etc. Thumbs Up to both.

When it comes to image quality at f3.5 and above or even at f2.8 I agree there probably isn't much (if any) difference between the two lenses.

Technically there is probably a difference at f2 because the 2.0 lens is wide open at this aperture and the 1.4 lens is just hitting its sweet spot.

All that may be meaningless to many people and any difference could be, as you said, considered hyperbole by a lot of people but there is a good reason why the 1.4 lens is "better" than the 2.0 lens and why the 1.4 lens is more expensive than the 2.0 lens.

The 1.4 lens puts the 2.0 lens to shame when it comes to apertures faster than f2.

Once again, that may not mean much to some people but if you need 1.8 or 1.4 that f2 lens just won't get the job done.

Wait...wait...is that horse still moving?   Hold on, I'll take care of this...

And if you need to continue shooting during a Category 5 hurricane with winds at 200mph, and you're on a dinghy trying to stay alive while continuing to take photos of a wedding ceremony being held at the bow of that very same dinghy, in those very same 200mph winds, you had better hope that Santa Claus didn't fornicate with the pooch and leave the non-WR lens under your fake plastic Christmas tree.   Because when the rain is blowing horizontal, and the winds have turned every drinking straw into a flying missile, and your life is on the line and the most courageous wedding photos in history are in the making, the 35f2 will not just put the 35f1.4 (which just became a $500 desk ornament) to shame but it will release the Kraken upon it.   And trust me when I tell you...the Kraken doesn't care about bokeh.

If we're going to have a hyperbole party, let's have a hyperbole party.  Life is short, no point doing anything half-donkey.

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