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You're imagining it. It's impossible to judge a camera by handling it. Only usage over time or taking the camera apart can tell you anything about about build quality. How it "feels" to you is irrelevant. Switching from metal to polycarbonate or carbon fiber might actually result in a more durable camera ( magnesium alloy or aluminum actually breaks more easily) but the lighter weight may make you "feel" the camera is more poorly built.

It's nice to finally see a realization that you can't judge build quality by the weight of the camera.

Thank you but I'm sure I'm not the first. Judging build quality by weight is illogical. Building a camera out of light materials and then lining the inside with lead wouldn't make it better made but some people might think it "feels" better. The funny thing is I often see posts claiming a lens or camera body is better built based on weight alone.

Back in the 80s, when there were a lot of private label brands so often the same  camera appeared under many different names , one of those stood out from the rest because it felt  "more solid" , particularly to the customer.

One day we got hold of one that was faulty and not worth repairing, so we took it apart. Inside we found a small lead bar.

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