The Recent F/stop Controversy

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Re: The Recent F/stop Controversy

Michael Fryd wrote:

tony field wrote:


You almost seems to be advocating that cameras need have only a "total light meter" that really would be a surrogate for image quality. Iso then becomes a brightness control.


ISO is already a brightness control. The difference is that is is labeled based on light per unit area. I think we would be better off with something labeled based on total light captured.

Does not the iso value already define the total light to be captured for your particular camera sensor?

Some people call this "effective ISO". For instance ISO 100 on a 2X crop body is "effective ISO 400" because it captures about the same amount of light as an ISO 400 exposure on a full frame body.

That is a complete misuse of equivalence. Correct numbers do not mean correct description.

It seems to me that too much emphasis on total light only complicates photography unnecessarily in spite of the fact that it is an extremely useful concept for a photographer to understand and know how to control.

A simple explanation may seem complicated at first if you are used to a complicated explanation.

I have never seen a good simple explanation becoming complicated except when somebody over explains it.

There is little reason for a beginner using a digital camera to be concerned about light per unit area on the sensor. Explaining the process in terms of aperture diameter, and total light captured really is a simple explanation.

it all depends upon what you are trying to explain.

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