Z6 kit eBay listing $2,049 plus taxes.. too good to be true?

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Re: Of course... it has a Nikon Warranty

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Couldn't find that listing but it's not even the cheapest gray-market listing available on eBay. There's one for $1951 as well. The catch for both is there is no warranty service from Nikon or worse, Nikon USA will not work on the camera or lens even if you paid them to do so.

Yes, thats because I bought it. But im now a bit anxious about it. It said in the description it has Nikon Warranty so first thing I'll do is register it check the serial. Is there anything else I should look for to check if it's gray market?

Nikon doesn't sell cameras without warranties.

You do have a Nikon warranty, but it is only for the market that camera was intended for. In other words, you might have to send it back to Japan to have warranty work done on it free of charge during the warranty period.

Most likely these come from Europe or Asia rather than Japan (typically wherever the currency arbitrage was greatest to allow the import to be obtained at best price), and you'd still need a dated receipt from the dealer in the origin country to establish the warranty coverage, which wont be available since the Nikon dealers unloading these into back-channels don't provide receipts to the wholesalers buying them.

There is absolutely nothing shady about this. The importer does the warranty work, and because of this they must charge you more than those grey market prices on ebay. And naturally, the importer has no obligation to repair cameras it didn't import.

See above.

I am not sure about the mechanism involved but Panamoz a grey market retailer selling here in the UK . Apart from offering a true 3yr UK based warranty { all repair work done by a long standing Glasgow firm } for all gear. Allows you to specifically use Nikon UK for any repairs or servicing , they are not the cheapest grey market company but they do offer very good warranties and have an excellent review record. I have used them a couple of times


Thanks for the information. I was speaking to the USA, where it's decidedly more difficult to get gray market gear serviced.

I was just giving another locations take on it I think other grey importers here have the same send it back type warranties , not sure the difference with Panamoz . There are independent repair firms here that can access any legit parts so even out with warranty period you can always get your gear fixed, is that not the case in the USA does Nikon restrict its parts distribution

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