The Recent F/stop Controversy

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Michael Fryd wrote:

Aaron801 wrote:


Good point! f-stop is useful for figuring out exposure, which is the same on any camera. You need to deal with exposure before anything else really, it's that basic. If you were say to have several cameras of different formats, the same rules of exposure would apply to each one and the same settings to get that same exposure. Sure, they will each handle noise differently, but that's not exposure and you don't really need ay kind of fancy jargon or a slide rule to figure that out. It's something that one can get a sense of when they use each camera. I have just one camera and I have a sense of how much noise I'm likely to get at any given ISO (which is also determined somewhat by light and subject)...

I disagree with your assertion that "You need to deal with exposure before anything else really, it's that basic".

That was true for film, but is not for digital.

Why is it more important to deal with exposure before dealing with aperture or shutter speed? With film the answer was that if you didn't hit the target exposure that matched your film, nothing else mattered.

With digital, there is a wide range of exposures that produce good results.

The same could be said for film! With both film and digital you can get a variety of effects of course if you deviate one way or another from the exposure that your meter gives you. Knowing when to over or under expose is the same for film or digital. Of course some of that you can control in post production, but that's kind of similar with both mediums. With film you had to worry more about shadow detail as you could only pull up the shadows so much and with digital you have to worry more about blowing highlights... so it isn't as if either one has anything like endless latitude.

I can't see that film and digital are that much different in the respect that the first thing that you need to learn with either is the exposure triangle. F stop then is useful as a variable in this triangle, no matter which medium you're using or what format... Simple as that.


The other issue, is that with film, it's the light per unit area that affects your results. With digital it's the total light captured.

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