On the fp Sensor & vintage lenses.

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Re: On the fp Sensor & vintage lenses.

D Cox wrote:

Shawn67 wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

Excellent illustrations, Shawn.

Pardon my ignorance but what is a "rangefinder lens" that is being discussed in this thread?

Leica Thread Mount (28.8mm flange length), M Mount (27.8mm), Contax RF or Nikon S (34.5mm)mount lenses. Because of the short flange length (relative to an SLR lens) the angle of light can be greater which can cause issues on digital cameras. At this point only Leica digitals have been really tuned to try to optimize performance with those lenses.

Sony's NEX-7 gave very bad results with rangefinder lenses, and people complained. Later Sony sensors seem to be much better, and I see no complaints nowadays.

So I think one can say that the Sony sensors at least have been tuned to work with rangefinder lenses, although perhaps not so much as the Leica sensors.

Can't speak to the NEX-7 but my later A7RII is pretty lousy with some RF lenses compared to my Leica. (See examples I posted in this thread) The A7RIII isn't supposed to be much of an improvement in that regard.


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