On the fp Sensor & vintage lenses.

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Re: On the fp Sensor & vintage lenses.

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The advantage of a thin glass over the sensor is, as you say, that it allows use of rangefinder lenses.

The disadvantage is that the dust on the sensor is more in focus. This is why the M4/3 cameras have very thick glass.

It is not just the thin glass I believe, it is also the use of specialized microlenses in front of the sensor

I just watched an interview with a Leica representative at the time of the M240 launch.

He said that the M9 needed microlenses, but the M240 did not because of the thin filter stack.

It probably had microlenses too, but not as severely tuned.

Interesting, thanks for the info


Around 1:30

"The lens has very good acceptance from very telecentric to very steep incidence angle, and we do that by flat stacking. All the way from the pixel itself to the very top of the sensor, the microlens, the distance is very small, so it's not sensitive to different angles of light. That makes it that we don't need micro-shift anymore, which we had in the M9."

So yes it still has microlenses (of course, I thin all sensors do?) but they're not specifically tuned for wide angle lenses or not.

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