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Hi guys,

Is anyone out there using Canon EOS R?Do you guys get the sharpness when using 24-105 f4 and canon 100mm macro?Any tips to suggest..Thanks

My RF 24-105 rival my 100 macro for sharpness in the studio. It soundly trounces the EF versions.

What makes more of a difference is the wicked accuracy of the R's AF.

If you are disappointed with your photos I would look towards the shooting conditions, shutter speed, and PP.

Even at 100mm?

i have downloaded some 24-105mm @105 and it is good in center but clearly not in other zones. Not a problem and really predictable for a zoom but I think the 100mm is better here

I can confirm this: Even my old EF 100 USM macro is clearly better already at F2.) than the RF 25-105 at F4.0 (which I like very much).


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