Z6 kit eBay listing $2,049 plus taxes.. too good to be true?

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Re: Be careful.

fz750 wrote:

Probably a bit late now, but the Z6 retail price here in Switzerland starts at $1795 and with lens $2099 and there's even an offer for the whole kit inc ftz adapter for $1949 (all inc 8% sales tax) - all with official CH warranty

Nikon has an instant cashback offer right now, which accounts for the lower prices.

So, that Ebay price in the USA for $2099 is not so abnormal for me..

While the price may not seem out of line in comparison to your region it is still a grey market camera in US, with all the warranty and service implications noted above, if it was obtained outside the authorized Nikon US network. Reputable authorized dealers in US get around the enforced MAP by offering add ons. They do not, will not, can not offer prices below that MAP. If one is averse to grey versions, a “great deal” in form of a lower price should be an instant redflag. My Z7 from B&H came with , instant cash back (Nikon), FTZ, B&W MRC-Nano filter, Sony 64GB XQD, Lowepro Adventura shoulder bag and free overnight shipping. Ostensibly I paid full price for the camera at $2396.97.

I hope things turn out OK for the OP, but if this EBay purchase is not through an authorized dealer it is at best an authorized Nikon US used camera without a transferable warranty, even if it is in an unopened box. However, service be purchased through Nikon in that case. More likely it is a grey version regardless of assurances by the seller. He can arrange warranty or recall service through that seller or hope to obtain paid service through several centers in US which service Nikon cameras.

I have had eight Nikon digital bodies and have never needed warranty service. The one repair service was done through Nikon, but probably could have been obtained through nonNikon facilities with a grey version. Chances are the OP will have the same experience in spite of this initial angst. 😀

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