It's July 2019. Too close to the next release cycle to buy a Canon camera?

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Re: It's July 2019. Too close to the next release cycle to buy a Canon camera?

Chances are that there will be a new 1DX fairly soon. It's harder to feel confident about the timing of a 5DSR replacement. This suggests that, of the two, a purchase of the 5DSR now would make more sense.

However, my take is the reverse: resolution aside, the 1DX II remains pretty much a perfect camera of its type, where the 5DSR could really use an update. So in your shoes, buying today, I'd be more likely to want a 1DX II.

All that said, what is your aim here? The 5DSR and the 1DX II are very, very different cameras, used for very different things. Neither is really an all-rounder and neither is remotely cheap. Perhaps you'd do better to look at a camera which has most of the advantages of both, and costs less than either. I'm talking about, of course, the superb 5D IV, which may or may not be replaced sometime soon, but certainly won't be improved on all that much as it's already very nearly perfect. Wonderful image quality, superb handling, there is very little they could do to make it better. And it won't break the bank.

PS: another poster mentioned the 6D II. No way that will be replaced soon, it's only just out.

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