The Recent F/stop Controversy

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Re: The Recent F/stop Controversy

I don't find aperture stops difficult.

The lower the aperture number, the faster the shutter speed and smaller the depth of field.

On the rare instance that I want to compare lenses across different systems, I need to take into account the way a change in sensor size affects the depth of field and noise. It is an easy relationship to understand. It only seems to be those with a nagging inferiority complex on four thirds sensors that pop up to try to confuse the issue.

It's not worth creating an alternative to the f-stop, because people would still run into a conceptual brick wall later when they find that a 35mm f1.4 does not have the same depth of field as a 105mm f1.4.

The f-stop is only slightly weird in that a smaller number lets in more light. Apart from that, I'm fine with it.

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