How I Got my $3500 Camera Kit Stolen on KitSplit for $70

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Re: The End of the KitSplit Saga

abe4652 wrote:

I'm sure I'm missing something, but:

" For owners who opt in, we are pledging to cover the costs if a renter disappears with the gear and refuses to return it. For the renter, there’s no additional cost."

1) Why would an owner not "opt-in" to be covered in case someone takes his camera? Is it because it costs extra?

2) I guess when they say for the renter there's no additional cost, it means that it costs more for the owner if he "opts in."

Still rather poor. This should be automatic, and built in.

It sounds like KitSplit is still intent on being slippery.

The message is basically- all can be fine... until the next time.

I don't know when that next time is, but the cynicism in me wouldn't be surprised if a ton of claims should be delayed until the company applies for voluntary liquidation. Because the business does not appear to have a real legal foundation. Police won't investigate due to "voluntary parting", pursuing people through small claims courts is too much hassle and expense for many, and this would send a red flag to any potential insurers, because after all they are like bankers if not even banks themselves, and the kind of people who would lend you an umbrella and then want it back when it rains...

The flow of this thread is:

KitSplit misled users about how they were covered, then sent the robbed some legalese about voluntary parting so KitSplit wouldn't help them.

After the thread appeard, KitSplit then tried to use the situation to sell users insurance on top of the rental fee.

KitSplit eventually said they would introduce insurance cover for all users. But it's only for attentive users who see they have to opt in.

KitSplit let a thread go on for several weeks savaging them before appearing to do anything to reimburse a user, and even then the circumstances give cause for suspicion in them.

It looks to me like KitSplit deal in bad faith and are merely slippery. Every single thing here suggests red flags to me.

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