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Re: Profiles for Multiple Monitor set ups

I use a Dell laptop with an external Philips monitor (both fairly old) as an extended workspace. The external monitor is the master as far as colour and brightness are concerned. The software tools (PS and LR) are displayed on the laptop, whilst the image being edited is shown on the monitor.

I use an i1 Display Pro to calibrate both the monitor and the laptop separately. I work in a fairly dark environment, so my monitor is calibrated to 70 cd/m2, which coincides reasonably well with the brightness of my prints. If I try to calibrate my laptop to 70 cd/m2 the colours become unstable for some reason, so I calibrate the laptop to 100 cd/m2.

However, the laptop screen is in any case useless for editing because the right third of the screen is a lot cooler than the other two thirds, and I have never been able to find a way of correcting this. Also the laptop colours/brightness are extremely sensitive to viewing angle. In the past editing on the laptop when travelling has proved to be a waste of time - I've always had to redo the work when I get back to my workstation.

Hope this helps.

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regards - Peter

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