The Recent F/stop Controversy

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Re: Yep, that's the modern world, all right.

mamallama wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

mamallama wrote:

I love the clarity when just the mention of equivalence results in multiple threads that limit out at 150. A concise one sentence definition of equivalence might help the clarity.

If you can't say it all in a Twitter post, then it isn't worth saying -- that's the world we now live in. Maybe if I ask the POTUS, he can do it just for you.

Now I know why it isn't worth saying.

Well, you were the one asking for the Twitter post version to get some clarity. So the three bullet points I gave:

  • For a given exposure, more light is projected on a larger sensor.
  • For a given scene, DOF, and exposure time, the same amount of light is projected on all sensors, regardless of size.
  • Thus, the only way for a larger sensor to collect more light is to use a more shallow DOF or longer exposure time.

were too much of a chore for you -- you wanted a "concise one sentence definition of equivalence" in order to have "clarity", but now say that a one sentence definition isn't worth saying because it reflects the same mindset of someone whose politics you don't like. Oh well -- can't please them all, I suppose.

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