Sony A7000/A6700 finally coming ? July 17 is the "Sony Big Day for Camera and Lenses"

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Re: Sony A7000/A6700 finally coming ? July 17 is the "Sony Big Day for Camera and Lenses"

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The one thing it does better is shoot in very poorly lit situations due to the fantastic AI it has.

You raise an interesting point about AI. Topaz Labs has an AI application that is pretty good at getting rid of noise and enhancing detail, but it takes a fair amount of computing power. Although the processors in the newest smart phones are a lot more powerful than older phones, I wonder how they can run sophisticated AI routines. Are the cell phone processors a lot more powerful than Sony's camera processors?

I'm pretty sure the phones have more computing power as they are multicore ARM chips with a lot of power. And more processing sophistication. The Google Pixels in their normal, default picture taking mode, take multiple underexposed shots instantly and stack them for noise reduction and DR management. The picture is finished in well under one second, almost instantaneously.

More processing power than a modern home computer with a fast CPU and FPU? I think not. What I suspect is that the phone is running a simpler AI routine than the Topaz Labs software, which can take a little time to run, even on a powerful computer. Perhaps the phone routine is more efficient, but anyhow interesting.

The question was camera processors vs. phone processors.

The PC is of course generally more powerful, but for example my Pixel phone has a darned sophisticated and fast processing ability to shoot multiple exposures (which appears to be instantaneous), and stack and adjust and there is your jpg in <1 second. And that's not a special setting, that's the default shooting mode for all pictures.

Well, that's impressive to be sure. When I mentioned Topaz Labs software, I had thought that imparted use in a computer. Wouldn't be at all surprised if the processor in the Google phone is more powerful than the processors Sony puts in the A6xxx.

Oh I'm pretty sure the phone processors are far faster than the camera processors, which are proprietary and custom for one job only - managing the camera functions only.

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