Lighting setup for wedding ceremony in barn

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Re: Lighting setup for wedding ceremony in barn

I don't get too many BARN venues but I get plenty of big dark churches, grand ballrooms with vaulted ceilings, low light and no opportunities for bounce lightg. My method is to bring in the big guns. I get into the venue in advance and place my monolights aroud the perimeter of the room- up in balconies or lofts, or ion high light stand lashed to the furniture, pillars and out of the way of heavily trafficked areas.

I have one strobe on the camera which is my fill light. The surrounding lights illuminate the room evenly and directionally- they are the main lights. I can operate at one aperture and vary the ratio by adjusting the output of my camera light. Deepening on where I am shooting from and the position of the subjects. the sourdough lig can prove a 24, 45, 90 degree or rim or kicker ligh to all my candid shots. One the lights are in place, I shut off the modeling lamps and trigger everyth by radio. I can adjust the output to establish a aperture that will enable plenty of depth of field weh required. i can adjust the shutter to record some of the ambient light as well.

I'll attach a shot that shows where the lights are placed.

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