Travel, DSLR, Mirrorless, Weight and Cost = Conundrum.

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Re: Travel, DSLR, Mirrorless, Weight and Cost = Conundrum.

When one reads about the differences in size and weight between these systems it sounds very trivial, grams and millimeters. However, when you pick them up, in the hand the Z7 with a native lens clearly feels much smaller and much lighter than my D850 or D500. It is not subtle.

I went from a D300 to a D7200 and the D7200 seemed like it was a lot lighter.  In reality I think there is 2 oz. difference.  Now I have a D750 and D810.  The D810 feels a lot heavier but I think it is really 5 oz. heavier.  It also feels a lot more solid.  I've been carrying the D810 without a strap and with a heavy lens like my Tamron 24-70 f2.8 that is a heavy combo and a bit hard to hold onto.  So there is an interesting quality to being lighter and I like it, but I wouldn't sell my current gear and spend real money to get lighter.  I don't mind carrying these heavy things in my bag and using them.

I suppose if a person wants lighter full frame, they have to go mirrorless and shop carefully.  If they want lighter and don't have to have full frame, Nikon's D3xxx and D5xxx series are good choices, even lighter than most mirrorless.  That's probably what I would do if I got concerned about weight.  I'll see how it goes on my next trip when I carry 2 heavy bodies plus lenses.

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