The Recent F/stop Controversy

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Re: "Photography is more about being creative"

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The post about getting rid of the "F/stop" definition turned into such a technical subject that most photographers become lost in the jargon. I think that too many photographers become so embroiled in the technical aspects that they forget that photography is more about being creative .

I imagine most would not disagree that "photography is more about being creative", but understanding the technical side doesn't get in the way of that end. Well, maybe for some it does, like this guy who said:

Further proof that the equivalence people have done permanent damage to the art of photography.

By the way, the guy who said that is the same guy who started the thread you're referencing and didn't return to post in it.

Anyway, I must confess that I'm not quite sure how the "equivalence people" managed to do that. Maybe we need some people to come forward and tell us their stories of how good their photos were until they read all the discussions on Equivalence, and how their photography suffered as a result.

The Equivalence Controversy is like the Taiping Rebellion.

I really seem to have missed this part of the discussion. What is the "Equivalence Controversy" ?

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