The Recent F/stop Controversy

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Re: The Recent F/stop Controversy

Michael Fryd wrote:

riveredger wrote:


While correct, I do not think it adds clarity to the discussion. The short version is that a larger sensor will always capture more total light than a smaller sensor, given the same exposure. The other consequences of exposure decisions remain the same, irrespective of format.

If you want to add clarity, you should simplify. Just say the larger sensor camera will capture more light when you select a larger aperture diameter.

You can simplify this a bit more by saying "at a particular angle of view, the camera with the larger aperture diameter captures more light, which also results in a shallower depth of field."

The explanation becomes more complicated when you introduce the sensor size and light per unit area into the discussion. Both of those are not relevant factors, they are implementation details.

If you want to look at other factors, such as overall image noise, you will find that it's total light captured we care about. Working out the light per unit area, and then adjusting for sensor size is an unnecessary extra step.

Except that saying "angle of view" and "aperture diameter" does not simplify the explanation for anyone but us tech nerds.

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