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FooHead wrote:

Jura S wrote:

FooHead wrote:

So for fun I rented a 6D for a weekend. I REALLY loved the images I could get with it, much more than what I get from my 80D. So I've been thinking about selling the 80D to help fund some kind of FF. This is what I've found. I'm in western Canada.

There are some important aspects that you didn't mention. What lenses do you use with 80D and what shooting scenarios are most common for you.

FF might not be always the preferred option.

18-135 stm, 50mm 1.8, 35mm f2, 100mm f2.8

Shooting landscapes, city scapes day and night time, architecture, portraits and outdoor indoor candids if kid and mom playing.

80D's a good Jack of all trades but when the light gets low The was a big difference in IQ vs the 6d.

I have a 70D and both 6Ds and I think you are exactly correct.

Outdoors and under good lighting the 6Ds IQ IMO is not remarkably better, but, when conditions darken they definitely are.

So, if you are out all day and night, you can crank up the iso on the 6Ds, keep shooting, and probably be happier with your results.

Is that worth the extra dollars you have to shell out for body and L lenses, it was for me because having more gear is "fun", as is actually shooting the gear and occasionally landing, IYO at least, a great photo.

If you can afford it, spend it, it's fun....


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