On the fp Sensor & vintage lenses.

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Re: On the fp Sensor & vintage lenses.

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I'd posited that Sigma would introduce a small FF Foveon camera to position themselves apart from the large Panasonic and Leica cameras. Specifically to go after the Leica M-Mount market.

I'd wondered, though, how - knowing the Foveon's reliance on luminosity for the color algorithm, it would deal with wide angle lenses.<>

Please share the source of "Foveon's reliance on luminosity for the color algorithm".

Hmm. I thought someone might pick on my usage of the word luminosity here.

Yes but because you are talking about color, you really should have expected it. The problem here being that luminosity describes power in Watts irrespective of wavelength, whereas our eyes only see light over a small bandwidth. I would recommend "luminance" to you as the word to use unambiguously.

Isn't it well accepted that [the] Foveon sensor [has] difficulty handling color in shadow areas? If the object is well saturated on the sensor it can figure out what the color is easily.

But if the object is not well saturated on the sensor - such as a shadow area - the camera would struggle to figure out what color it's supposed to be.

I suppose this is another way of describing existing lore - that when the ISO goes up, the color "quality" goes down. The DPR tests show that effect quite clearly, and SPP's antics when high ISO is used do back up the above.

Yes - that.

So in light of that, I was wondering how the Full Frame Foveon would handle things like extreme vignetting with adapted lenses. A new challenge for Foveon's engineers.

I'm guessing it won't handle it well. The SD Quattro H that I have doesn't handle the m42 lenses I have with flying colors . . . just unusual color tints on one side and in the corners.

I'm thinking the full-frame Foveon might even have trouble with some of the lenses from Panasonic and Leica, so there will be a lot of firmware updates through the years, or Sigma will have to build into the camera some type of tuning feature for customizing the look of vignetting and color casts in images made with each lens (which I think would be a pretty perfect solution, until they develop some sort of AI that will do that automatically, to your taste).

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