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Re: Build quality of cameras


In our throw-away society, particularly in the USA, I noticed as early as the late 1960s the declining life cycle of consumer goods. Durability of consumer good seem to be dictated by planned obsolescences. The Japanese camera and lenses that were designed and built to exacting specifications in the very early 1960s are no longer the norm. NOW, even Japanese cameras/ lenses seem to follow the trend of planned obsolescences.

The precise performance, repeatability, reliability and durability of my Nikon cameras and lens built in the mid-1960d to mid-1980s seem to have fallen by the wayside for post 2000 era products. All my old Nikon SLRs and lenses still perform flawlessly, All my old Nikkor lenses work well on my Nikon DSLRs. Sadly, I have come across many "Gold Ring" Nikkors/Nikons where AF no longer work, were zoom no longer cover the entire FL of the lens, where grinding noise are prevalent.

You are comparing apples to oranges. The old lenses did not have the same AF performance and therefore had different design constraints, the focusing mechanism moves less and slower on the old lenses.

Having been retired (Scientist/Enginner) for decades, I am no longer well informed of materials used in industrial, commercial and consumer goods.

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Okay so my first pro body was D3x and i was so amazed how sturdy and rugged camera was. I never touched other pro body before it, but i thought other new cameras in pro section were the same quality (d4, d5, canon 1dx etc). Few months ago at friends place i played with canon 1ds and it was pretty much the same quality as my d3x. To cut story short, he ordered used canon 1dx mark ii, bcs we heard lot of good things about it. But first things we noticed was that plastics all over the camera felt cheap and brittle compared to older series. Note that everything on camera worked perfectly it was incredibly fast and snappy but it felt much more plasticky and cheap compared to old "tanks" it was heavy tho but that was it...

Am i imagining all of this or is quality of cameras slowly degrading so that companies can save some money on build quality? Or what the hell is going on and why would quality drop

While ergonomics and "feel" maybe of personal taste, I share your perspective regarding the degradation of built, durability, performance, repeatability and reliability of cameras and lenses.

Different use cases, old and new. Put modern AF speeds on those old beasts and the motor would disintegrate.

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